Personal Branding

Whether it’s headshots or lifestyle imagery, make sure that you’ve got the content you need to grow in business and increase profits


The Experience

You represent your job, your CV and/or your business. People want to know who it is sat behind the words, behind the social media posts, products or service. Communicate that with personal branding images or headshots.

Personal branding headshots charlotte kensington portraits


What does your brand look like? What’s your story? Who do you want to help and how? These are just some of the questions we’ll go over during your consultation. 

Before we meet, I’ll get you to fill out a questionnaire so I know more about you. To see what you’re after- whether that’s headshots or personal branding and to find out if there’s anything you might not know about that could really help you. Then we’ll arrange a meeting in person or video call to go over the finer details. Together we’ll create a concept board and shoot plan. We’ll talk locations, style, who’s featuring, colours, props, sets and design. Each shoot designed is bespoke to suit your specific needs and we can make it as expressive or minimalist as you like. So how would you like to be photographed?


Photo Shoot

Just like the ultimate makeover shoots, by the time the day arrives, we’ll have everything arranged and all you have to do is turn up, relax and have fun! In most shoots, both personal branding and headshots, we go through 2-5 different looks to give you the most variety. We can even have hair & makeup on hand to help you feel and look your best. 

The photo shoot will be an easy-breezy experience. I will guide you completely throughout the whole thing- at first, you’ll be aware of the poses I’m getting you to do but as you warm into it, you’ll be an absolute pro!

My goal is for you to love the experience and to love the photos, which brings me to the reveal…

personal branding lifestyle photography charlotte kensington portraits
colourful headshot for linkedin charlotte kensington portraits

The Reveal

1-2 weeks after your shoot, you’ll be invited to join me in person or online to take a look at your images. It’s here that you’ll choose your absolute favourites and we’ll also chat about ways to use and make the most of them.

Your images will be sent to you in high-quality digital format, with an image release, ready for you to use in your marketing, publications and so on.

You might have already purchased a package which includes images but should you want extras, they will be available for you to purchase on the day too.

I want to make the experience of getting professional pictures done, the best value & experience for you. So, once you become a client, you’ll have the option to join in with free workshops I host to teach in more depth how to use your images in design and marketing tools. Yay!



I get that reading a little breakdown online doesn’t give you all the knowledge you need so I’ve written answers to some of the most common questions below. If you’re still unsure about something, I’d love to help! Just email me and I’ll get back to you.


What are the differences between headshots and personal branding?

Headshots are typically studio based with a more uniformed look. Still stylish, just refined and classy. They also show more personality than they used to as we often include more than just a literal head and shoulders image. For example, they’re perfect for authors, LinkedIn, press images, B2B businesses and publications.

Personal branding is different in that it’s not so much about being uniform but expressing a lifestyle or telling a story. Because it takes us out of the studio, we can include different locations, props and other visuals to communicate a narrative that you’d like to share. For example, they’re perfect for bloggers, service and product based businesses, social media gurus, coaches and B2C businesses.

How many images do I get?

When you take the little quiz I send you, that’ll give us an idea of how many images you’re after and we can go from there. I do have Personal Branding packages that range from 12-200 images but we can design a session to suit you and how many you need.

However, I often find it’s not the quantity you need but the quality. Unlike other photographer’s who shoot and batch edit 300+ images, I will design your session down to a T which means no sort of ‘crappy’ pictures. Instead the images will be chosen especially for you and each professionally and individually retouched to ensure the best images for you to showcase.


What’s the investment?

Headshot sessions are sittings based. Which means you pay a small amount for the sitting (the shoot) and then for any images you love when you get to choose them at your reveal. A typical client will spend anywhere between £800- £1,500.

With Personal Branding sessions, packages are chosen in advance which means you get the shoot and images together. Packages start from £1,200 and go up from there and the more you buy, the more you save.

I don’t know what I need, can you help?

Absolutely! Truth be told, both headshot sessions and personal branding sessions can work for nearly all scenarios, they just have different looks and ‘feels’ to them.

Take a look around my site, find some photos that you like and let me know. It’s okay if you like one part of one photo and another part of another. Chat to me and we can arrange a shoot that suits you and leaves you feeling so super excited to get started!


 Ready to feel like a boss?