Ultimate Makeover

Because you deserve a portrait that you love


The Experience

A celebrity makeover shoot is like no other. This is something extra special. With hair and makeup, dress hire, hand painted backdrops- you will experience and receive the best photos of your life. And I feel we all deserve to know what that’s like…not just the famous.

Makeover photo shoot charlotte kensington portraits


The first step on your journey is to book in for a free consultation. Meet with me or join a video call where we can chat over hot chocolate and really get to know what you would like. We’ll go over the process and all the magic involved. What would you like to wear? Are we renting ball gowns/suits? Who would you like to share the experience with? What sets/props should we use? Are we in the studio or out on location like Edinburgh, London or even Paris? Do you want to go home with Wall Art to hang, an image collection in a vegan leather bound box or both? 

To put your mind at ease, absolutely everything is explained during the consultation, and we’ll send you away with a full guide to help you get ready for quite possibly, one of the most incredible days out you’ll experience!


Photo Shoot

On the day of the shoot, you’ll arrive and go into hair & makeup while I sort through your wardrobe options and get the sets ready. The photo shoot will be an easy-breezy experience. I will guide you completely throughout the whole thing- at first, you’ll be aware of the poses I’m getting you to do but as you warm into it, you’ll be an absolute pro! If you’re thinking by this stage, ‘oh gosh, poses!? I can’t do that’ then I’d say, hey I’m up for the challenge. I can get anyone, any body shape, gender, and level of confidence to not only look great, but feel fantastic. You’ll go home from this experience with a new-found confidence and insane amounts of excitement for your reveal.

mum and daughter photo shoot charlotte kensington portraits
teen makeover photo shoot charlotte kensington portraits

Reveal Party

2-3 weeks after your shoot, you’ll be invited back to take a look at your images. You’ll be typically presented with 20-25 stunning photographs for you to choose from. This reveal, like the shoot, isn’t your typical photography experience. It comes with a twist, some bubbly, a tonne of amazement and potentially some life changing revelations. And you only buy what you absolutely love. I can’t wait to show you, who you really are.

Vouchers for this experience are available. 

Portraits on the wall start from £850 and Folios of images start from as little as £75 per image.



FSS: Frequently Said Statements. I get that reading that lil’ description above is such a tease and you’ve probably got some ideas and thoughts. If you’re feeling a little hesitant, I’ve written a few replies to some of the most common statements below to help. But of course if you’ve got any questions, just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you!


“but I’m not photogenic”

I know it’s nerve-wracking, particularly if you’ve never had a photo taken of you that’s made you go ‘wow’. But rest assured, I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve worked with so many people who’ve been in the same place as you and this experience has been life changing. I want to you to know, it’s not true. You are amazing and special and of course you photograph beautifully, you just haven’t had the right person do it yet.

“I have nothing to wear!”

Okay, okay- don’t panic, I’ve got you.

Firstly, in your consultation, we’ll go over what to wear. If your current wardrobe doesn’t allow for the kind of shoot you want then we can do 3 things. 1. I have a small collection of gorgeous pieces that you’re welcome to wear. 2. We can go shopping as I offer a stylist service, just email for more info aaaand 3. We can even hire clothing. So no biggy!



I always say, I’m good for 14lbs just in posing alone. I have been mastering posing, how to dress people and how to frame people in an image for years! I can slim your waist, hide the wobbles, whatever your hangups, it’s okay. Please know that you’re gorgeous now, you are worth existing and holding space, right now. There’s no need to wait for ‘the right time’ or it’ll never come.


Fair enough. But sometimes I find when it’s not a case of need, it’s a case of want or a case of thoughtfulness and heritage.

The images you have today will mark the very moment you existed. A statement to say ‘I was here’. It’s something for you to cherish as you get older and of course, something that’ll out live us both and for others to cherish. To see where they came from and who their loved ones were. That’s precious.


 Ready to feel fabulous?